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Jan 6, 2013 6:00pm EST
congress, and roosevelt decided healthcare would destroy the entire social security bills and she said no and to get out but for the rest of this administration the staff said please, please, let's make a national health insurance part of social security. social security was becoming very popular. roosevelt was becoming a huge colossus in american politics. and in 1943, right in the middle for the war to come he decides i'm going to do it. world war two, the tide has turned and he's going to win the war. he's going to come home at the end of the war, bring the troops back and he's decided i need another crusade and that's going to be health insurance. they would win this thing through congress. the crowd goes off, writes the national health insurance package. there is one great memo in the archive in which somebody says health care is the most boring subject i've ever encountered. so we had a good laugh about and just as it arrives, roosevelt died certainly in april of 1945. this new guy doesn't know anything about harry truman, takes over and here comes this package really from roosev
Jan 6, 2013 7:00pm EST
for ten years and no healthcare. if he gets sick he has to work through the sickness, and that's not the america that i think of. and so i'm really hoping this week, to finish the overly long answer -- is to really bring more attention to these problems, and right now, this session, congress is going to be debating cults in the snap -- cuts in the snap program, and in this time of austerity we can't be dumb and cut things that are long-term benefits. entitlements are investments in our society and we should prioritize these things, federally and actions locally. >> mayor, you were speaking in your forward about the small actions that people took to help your father. talk about the small actions that people take that can help homeless young people. can you talk about how that works in the city? >> first of all, i have had lots of conversations with people who quote-unquote have made it. who when they're in tough times, like tyler perry who was homeless, living in a car. to people i know throughout my community who have gotten broken drug addiction, who have dealt with brutal, br
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2